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|| Vastu Shastra - Science of Building ||




What is Vastu?

Vastu in Sanskrit means nature. However, in our day to day life Vastu is the building where you live in, work, play take exercise or any construction like Hospital, Temple, Bridge etc…

Vastu plays a very important role in everyone's life. Unless the Vastu is harmonious to the individuals he/she will not be able to prosper in life.

Hence it is very important that the Vastu which you own or rent is in accordance with the principles of Vastu shashtra.



What is Vastu Shashtra?

Vastu shastra is an ancient Hindu Science, which gives guidelines for construction of buildings.  Principals of Vastu Shastra are based on scientific reasons, which provide proper ventilation, & achieve balance between various forces of nature like Earth’s Magnetic & Gravitational forces (Bhu tatva) Space (Aakash Tatva) Air & Wind (Vayu Tatva), Sunlight and Heat (Agni Tatva), Rain/ Water (Jala Tatva) Cold, etc…as well as the rotational motions of Earth, Moon & other planets thereby bringing in health, wealth and prosperity & happiness.

Principles of Vastu Shastra, were evolved over thousands of years out of experience and foresight of ancient Sages of India and are very valuable for the well being of man-kind.



Vastu Pooja/Vastu Shant

In addition to the principals and guideline for construction of buildings, Vastu shastra also gives vedic remedies to remove the defects in a Vastu by performing Vastu Pooja/Vastu Shant, as every construction may not comply to the principals of the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Pooja/Vastu Shant consists of worship of the Vastu Devata, the deities directions East, West, North, South, North-East, South-East, North-West & South-West and 49 other deities residing in Vastu, which bring Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity & Happiness.

  1. Indra (East) – King of Gods & Angels - gives wealth and all pleasures of life.
  2. Varun (West) - God of Rain - showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life.
  3. Kuber (North) - God of wealth - blesses us wealth and all comforts of life.
  4. Yama (South) - God of death – instills dharma, eradicates evils and grants all good things.
  5. Eshan i.e. Ishwar (North-East Eeshanya) – God of wisdom, knowledge, gives all comforts and relieves us from sufferings.
  6. Agni/Fire (South-East Aagneya) – God of Fire - gives us good personality and character.
  7. Nissan or Niruti (South-west Nairutya) – God who removes fear about our enemies & protects from them.
  8. Vayu/Wind (North-west Wayavya) – God of Wind – Gives life to the human being.



 || Some Guidelines of Vastu Shastra ||

  1. Shape of plot - Square or rectangular plots are preferred, irregular shaped plots are normally avoided. "L" or "U" shaped plots considered not suitable for house as corners will be missing and occupants will be missing opportunities.
  2. Water-bodies - Water bodies to East or North are considered good.
  3. Obstruction - Obstruction like big trees, open well, pillars and posts before a arrow like roads are to be avoided. building

Ideal site - In a square plot the house should be constructed in the center and in rectangular plot it should be nearer to construction south, south west and west sides preferably leaving more in a plot open space on north and east.


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