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|| Satyanarayan Pooja Vidhi ||


|| Preparation Guidelines & Samagri List ||

| Recipe of Prasad (Shira) | Aarti Sangrah | Satyanarayanachi Aarti - Jai Jai Deen Dayala |

Om Jai Jagadish Hare | Satyanarayanjiki Aarti - in Hindi & English

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|| Shri Satyanarayan Prasanna ||

  • Satyanarayan Pooja is one of the best & easiest ways to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu, who is the God responsible for maintenance of this Universe.
  • Typically Satyanarayan Pooja is to be performed before and/or after the fulfillment of our desires e.g. if you want to achieve some important milestones in your life like success in Higher Education, Success in career, promotion, buying a new vehicle, new house, starting a new business, negotiating big professional deals etc...
  • Satyanarayan is also useful if someone in the family is not well.
  • In order to maintain general happiness, prosperity and well being of the family it is advisable to perform Satyanarayan Pooja at least once every year. 
  • There is no hard and fast rule as to when Satyanarayan Pooja to be performed.  Morning or evening time is ideal for Pooja.  You can perform it after major achievements in life.  So also it is ideal to perform Satyanarayan Pooja once every year.  It is a great auspicious occasions to invite friends and relatives.
  • It is a custom to have some program of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments etc... with well wisher friends and relatives after the Pooja is over.
  • Satyanarayan Pooja is to be performed on an auspicious day in consultation with Panditji.
  • Satyanarayan is about 3.5 to 4 hours Pooja.

Note: Please print a couple of sets of Aarti so that your guests can also participate in chanting Aarti.

|| Dias (Stage/Platform) for Satyanarayan Pooja ||

  • Obtain the Pooja Samagri as per the Satyanarayan Samagri List well in Advance.  If there is any shortage contact Panditji in advance so that suitable alternative can be suggested if available.
  • Prepare for the Pooja as per the Satyanarayan Preparation Guidelines (Marathi) (English).





Recipe for making Shira / Sooji Halwa:

Quantity: 7-8 Plates Shira/Sooji Halwa.

Material: 2 Vati Rava (Sooji), 1¾ Vati Sugar, ½ Vati Ghee, Badam (Almonds), Manuka (Resins), Charoli, Keshar (Saffron), Banana


  1. Roast Rava/Sooji in a utensil in ghee to make it well done i.e. color changes to brownish.
  2. Add same amount of water as Rava/Sooji if it is fine,.
  3. Add water 1½ times the quantity of Rava/Sooji, if Rava/Sooji is coarse.
  4. Heat & stir well till the water evaporates.
  5. Add sugar & heat again.
  6. Add Almond pieces, small circular pieces of banana, Keshar (Saffron), Elaychi (Cardamom) powder etc…
  7. Control the heat & stir well to ensure that the lumps are not formed; shira is not too thick nor too thin like paste.
|| Preparation Guidelines & Samagri List ||
Satyanarayanachi Aarti - Jai Jai Deen Dayala | Om Jai Jagadish Hare | Satyanarayanjiki Aarti - in Hindi & English |

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