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|| Muhurta ||


Auspicious Time


Muhurta is a very important aspect in the Hindu Philosophy. 


What is muhurta?

As per the Hindu Astrology, muhurta is an auspicious time selected for starting or performing an important event/action in life. 

When is muhurta required?

Typically muhurta is selected for following important events/occasions in life: 

  • Marriage, Thread Ceremony, Jawal (Mundan), Annaprashan, Naming ceremony, Baby Shower etc…
  • Pooja Vidhi, Religious Functions,
  • buying a new house, land, other property, vehicle
  • Starting a new business, signing work contracts, partnership deeds etc…

Why is muhurta required?

It is a natural desire of every one that any of the above events or occasions in our life should be trouble free any unwanted, unpleasant or sorrowful incident should not take place during these important events or occasions.  If these events or occasions are started on a shubha muhurta (auspicious time), these events are completed peacefully.

What is the scientific importance of the Muhurta?

As you know the gravitational force between the planets of the solar system make a lot of difference on the living & nonliving things on the earth.  e.g. the gravitational force between the Moon & the earth causes the high & low tides in the ocean.

Thus muhurta is a typical combination of the planets in the sky which make a favorable effect on the human beings.

There is an ancient principal told in ayurveda, “Ashtami Vyadhi nashini” which means that the medicine taken on the 8th day of a lunar month cures illness faster.  The reason behind this is the distance between the Moon & the earth is the farthest on the 8th day of every month, because of which the liquid medicine remains stable in the stomach & thereby starts making effect faster & better.

What practical angle should be considered while selecting muhurta?

According to my personal opinion, the life has substantially changed and has become very fast since the astrology was born in India.  In good old days the means of transportation were not as sophisticated & safe as they are today.  The roads are also much better today.  The quality of the construction & other facilities which are required and used during all the important events & occasions have become very advanced & more reliable.  Hence now a days there are very less possibilities of difficulties arising during these events & occasions.

Another aspect is during all these important events & occasions in our life we need to involve our relatives, friends & well wishers.  So it will be ideal if we see the convenience of all involved.

You may know the best muhurta but it may not be convenient to any one.  A best muhurta these days may in fact become very inconvenient and may cost at times.

Therefore, in my personal opinion the muhurta especially in USA, should be selected such that it coincides with a long week end or weekend.

More than the muhurta, advance planning & meticulous execution can get you success at the end.



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