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Ancient Hindu mantra have immense power in them to almost cure anything.  They can help you in any situation in your life no matter how complex & difficult it is.  You have to have a strong faith.  Practice these matra as per your need and do your "Karma" (duty), best things in life come your way.


Best time for reciting these mantra is early in the morning after bath.  However, if you are not having any time in the morning, you can choose evening time before taking your dinner.


Take a photo or murti of your favorite god or goddess or saint in front of you, sit with padmasan (Lotus Position), sit upright without bending in your back, keeping spine straight.  Take a japamala to count the repetitions.  As per time available & the benefit you want to have, you can choose the mantropasana.


1) 108 times daily morning or evening or both.

2) 1001 times daily morning or evening or both.

3) 100,000 times

4) 1,000,000 times

5) 10,000,000 times


Gayatri Mantra - This is a very powerful mantra 108 times daily in the morning as well as in the evening will benefit you immensely. 

Benefits:- Helps you getting out of any trouble, financial, health, mental illness, depression, tension, stress etc...

Useful on Diabetes, Overweight, Speech disorder, brain related illness or problems, forgetfulness, epilepsy etc...

Ganesh Mantra: This is a mantra which helps activating all the ashta chakra in our body. 

Benefits: It helps sharpen your memory.  Gives success in examinations, debate competitions, very beneficial for writers, poets & everyone doing a creative work.

Shiva Mantra: - Gives inner strength, health.
Mahalakshmi Mantra:- Gives wealth. If you recite this mantra daily 108 times financial worries, trouble will go away.
Peedahari Mantra: Removes all sorrow, hardships, difficulties, failures etc...
Gayatri Mantra for Heart Trouble: This form of Gayatri Mantra is very useful for persons with heart trouble.  blood pressure, asthma, Those who have a family history of heart trouble, should recite this mantra every day right from the childhood.
Mantra to cure illness related to nervous system:This mantra if recited daily 1008 times cures illnesses like hysteria, mental instability, depression, severe regular headache.

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