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|| Gruha Pravesh Kalash Poojan ||


Dais (Stage) for Pooja | Gruha Pravesh Samagri (Material) List | Samagri Images | Arati Sangrah | Om Jai Jagadish Hare | Back to Services


Kalash Poojan is to be performed just as soon as you take possession of your house before moving in your household items. It is also recommended for rental house.  It is performed as a nice and auspicious beginning of your tenure in that property.  

  • Gruha Pravesh Kalash Poojan is to be performed on an auspicious day in consultation with Panditji.
  • It is advisable to be on fast on the day of Gruha Pravesh Pooja.  However, depending on your eating habits, you can have fasting food like Sabudana Khichadi, fruits, milk, fruit juice etc...
  • Take bath before pooja, decorate house with Toran (door hanging), garlands etc...
  • Wear good clothes suitable for pooja e.g. Zabba Paijama, Dhotar Uparne, Kad Uparne etc…, Ladies should wear good sari or other dress of liking suitable for pooja.  Care must be taken to ensure that the sari or any part of dress does not come in contact with any flame, agarbatti etc…
  • Keep ALL the Pooja Samagri ready.  Following items must be ready before starting Pooja:
    • Panchamrut (mixture of Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey & Sugar) approx. one bowl.
    • 3 sets of Gud Khobare (Jaggery pieces kept on small triangular pieces of dry coconut)
    • Stage duly prepared & decorated with Niranjan with ghee, samai with oil & Agarbatti (incense stick) lighted,
  • Finish your regular Pooja before starting Gruha Pravesh Pooja.
  • Note: Please download the Aarti and print 4-5 sets or as needed ready so that your guests can also participate in Aarti.
|| Dais (Stage) for Pooja ||

  • Host should be facing East or West. See diagram
  • Chaurang should be placed against the wall with Lord Ganesh facing West or East.
  • Decorate Main Door with Toran & photo of Ganesh.
  • Decorate the surrounding of Chaurang as per your liking with the help of Rangoli, flowers, lighting etc…
  •  A good light classical music suitable for the occasion can make atmosphere enchanting for the guests.




Gruha Pravesh Samagri (Material) List

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