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|| Shri Ganesh Pratishthapana ||


Preparation Guidelines || Samagri List || Aarti Sangrah || Back to Services ||

  • Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi (fourth day after new moon day of lunar month Shravan) is a Ganesh Chaturthi & Ganesh Pratishthapana Day.  Thereafter it ends on Bhadrapad Shuddha Chaturdashi (i.e. 14th day of the bright half of lunar month Bhadrapad).

  • Ganesh Festival was started by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak.  More than religious it has very high social value.

  • It is a perfect time for creating a very holy atmosphere in the house, worship Lord Ganesh invite friends and relatives.

  • There is no hard and fast rule as to how many days one should observe Ganesh Festival.  I strongly advise to have Ganesh Festival celebrated for all 10 days in your house in USA, irrespective of your family tradition back in India.  It will give an opportunity to entire family doing prayers every day together.  It will also help children memorize the Ganesh Aarti and other prayers.  It will help imbibing great Hindu Culture on the minds of kids born or brought up in USA.

  • Above all, Lord Ganesh will remove obstacles in your life and bring happiness to you & your family.

  • Note: Please download the Aarti and print 4-5 sets or as needed ready so that your guests can also participate in Aarti.





|| Samagri & Preparation for Ganesh Pratishthapana Pooja ||


  • Please bring all the Samagri (material) required for the Ganesh Pratishthapana as per the Samagri List well in advance.

  • Prepare for the Pooja well in advance as per the Preparation Guidelines.

  • As far as possible do not compromise on the quality & quantity of the Samagri (material) to be used.  If you can not get something, check with me if any alternative can be used.

  • You can print the Aarti Sangrah and use it during daily prayer.








|| Ganapati Bappa Moraya ||




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