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Code of Conduct (Aachar Sanhita) of Pt. Vilas Thuse


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  1. Since Astrology is a true divine science, I understand that misusing it is insulting God.
  2. I will practice Astrology as it is a means of social service & service to God.
  3. I am completely aware of the shortcomings of human nature & the incompleteness in every life.  Hence I will not treat anybody below dignity and give guidance of right path.
  4. I will not allow any misuse of Astrology for any work which is wrong from the social, religion or legal point of view.  I will always consider that to give such an advice is a participation in incorrect and illegal activity.
  5. I will not give any wrong astrological advice.
  6. I will not defame or abuse other astrologers or do unwanted publicity of myself.
  7. I will continuously strive to increase my astrological knowledge.
  8. I am bound to give my astrological knowledge to deserving persons & to promote & propagate Astrology Science.
  9. I will always follow the path of truth, honesty.
  10. I will not expect any money for my services unless offered voluntarily as donation.
  11. I will maintain a righteous behavior.
  12. I will keep all the personal information given by my clients as strictly confidential and I will not discuss about any person with another without his or her permission.  I will not misuse any personal information given to me by my clients.

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