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|| VastuShant Vidhi ||


|| Vastu Shashtra ||

VastuShant Samagri List & Preparation Guidelines| Arati Sangrah | Om Jai Jagadish Hare

|| Vastu Devata Prasanna ||

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Frequently asked questions about VastuShant

Please note that under no circumstances hom-havan (Holy Fire) SHALL be performed inside the typical wooden house in USA.  If you MUST do the hom inside the house, please do not ask for my services.

Why is VastuShant necessary?

  • Vastu is a ancient Indian Science which is used while constructing a Vastu (House, Building, a Structure etc...) which makes a Vastu a perfect place for a human being to live and/or work.  A Vastu created using all the principles of Vastushastra all different energies existing in the universe like cosmic energy like Solar & Geomagnetic energy are properly directed & controlled by means of appropriately designing the various components of the Vastu like doors, windows, walls, ceiling, roof, shape of various parts of the construction like hall, kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms etc...

  • However, you do not get an ideally constructed home/building every time.  If there are any imbalances of the energies and the five basic elements (Agni - Fire, Vayu - Air, Jal - Water, Bhoomi - Earth & Aakash - Ether), stay in such Vastu can become troublesome.  One experiences constant problems in life like failures, illness at times serious disasters.

  • VastuShant is one easy way to correct some of the Vastu defect with the help of Mantras chanted during VastuShant.

  • In short VastuShant of House is a sort of Life Insurance to your house & your family and VastuShant for your office is a Life Insurance to your business.  Even if you have your property insurance, this is a different unique insurance & you can have benefits only once you have it.  So do not wait...go for it...earlier the better.  Have it from an expert and who knows what it is.

Is VastuShant advisable for a second hand house?

  • Yes.  If you buy a second hand house VastuShant is advisable for the reasons given above.  In fact VastuShant is advisable in a rental property also if you are going to stay in that property for a long duration.

When to perform VastuShant?

  • There is no hard and fast rule about when VastuShant to be performed.  You can perform before moving your households into the new home or after moving in. However, it is  advisable to perform VastuShant once you are settled in your new house say after about 1-2 months.

  • It is ideal if you perform VastuShant within 6 months of possession.  However, it can be delayed if the circumstances force. 

  • There is no harm if you do it later, only the advantages will begin late.

  • VastuShant is to be performed on an auspicious day in consultation with Panditji.

How long is the VastuShant Vidhi?

  • Since a Hom Havan is included in the VastuShant vidhi, it usually takes about 4.5 to 5 hours.  It is strongly advised to plan for VastuShant well in advance, start the Pooja early in the morning around 8 AM and finish it in time around 1-1:30 PM.

If you have any more questions, those can be addressed and more explanation can be given during VastuShant Vidhi.


|| Preparation & Stage for VastuShant Pooja ||







|| Yadnya (Havan) Kund ||

  • Garage or back yard can be an Ideal place for hom-kund in USA. Please note that it is not advisable to perform Havan (Holy Fire) inside the typical wooden house in USA. 
  • Size of inner space of the Hom Kund should be approx 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft.
  • Place a metal yadnya (aahuti) patra inside.
  • Use standard bricks to keep along the metal yadnya (aahuti) patra.
  • Host should be facing East/West during Havan vidhi.


VastuShant Samagri List & Preparation Guidelines| Arati Sangrah | Om Jai Jagadish Hare |

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