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|| Raksha Bandhan - Narali Paurnima ||


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  Raksha Bandhan festival

Raksha Bandhan is basically a festival celebrated by Rajput women.  It slowly was accepted by all the women across India.  Today it is one of the most popular festivals.  It is a festival of brother & sister.

When & How Raksha Bandhan is celebrated?

Raksha bandhan is celebrated on Shravan Shuddha Paurnia (Full Moon Day), hence it is also known as Rakhi Paurnima.

Sister invites brother in her house.  Perform "Aukshan", ties a "Rakhi - a sort of bracelet made of cotton/silk thread with a decorative piece made of different materials right from gold to plastic.  Sister then urges her brother to protect her in all situations. Offers him sweets like "Pedhe", Barfi, Srikhand, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai etc...

Brother then offers some gift to the sister and promises her to protect her in any situation.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan?

This festival reminds us the pure love between a sister & brother.

It also reminds every brother to protect & take care of his sister in every situation, where she needs help.

If a person does not have real sister, he should adopt one & provide her protection as needed.

This festival tells us that all the men should treat other women like sisters and protect them.

If this relation is well understood & preserved women across the world will be fearless & will not be exploited.


  Narali Paurnima

Narali Paurnima is a festival celebrated by the fishermen to worship the ocean so that they do not face problem in the sea while fishing.

When & How is Narali Paurnima celebrated?

Narali Paurnima is celebrated on Shravan Shuddha Paurnia (Full Moon Day).

In Hindu Culture Coconut has extra ordinary importance.  A coconut tree is known as "Kalpavruksha" (the beneficent tree of heaven - A Tree that brings a lot of prosperity in the life of a person).  No part of coconut is wasted.  Coconut tree leaves are used to make roofs of houses in the coastal areas of India.  They are also used to make the brooms.  The strings on the coconut cover are used to make very strong threads which are used in day to day life.  Coconut water is used to make popular cold drink.  Wet Coconut as well as dry coconut is used to make different food items.  Coconut milk is extracted from wet coconut and used to create a cold drink.  It is also used in preparing many food items.

Coconut oil is used as cooking oil and to apply to the hair and for body message.

Coconut husk is used  as fuel.

Therefore coconut is used in all the religious functions.  It is also used to felicitate & honor a person.  Ladies offer it as a gift to each others and wish a long happy married life.

On this day all the fishermen from Konkan area of Maharashtra gather together on the sea shore & offer coconuts to the Sea.  A feast is given to all the community with Sweet coconut rice, & other sweets made from dry & wet coconut.

Importance of Narali Pournima

This day tells us to pay respect the mother nature. 


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