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|| Pooja Vidhi & Astrology ||



A Unique Very Pleasant, Charming style

with personal affectionate & caring touch


  • Authentic Hindu Vedic Pooja Vidhi & Expert Vedic Astrology Consultation, Counseling by Appointment ONLY

  • Send me an email to check the available days. 

  • Part of the Dakshina (Donation) goes to Charity & Social Work.


Pooja Vidhi By Pt. Vilas Thuse

  • Thorough Vedic, Scientific & Logical explanation of the essence of important steps of Pooja.
  • Interesting interactive method of performing Pooja in which the Hosts participate whole heartedly.
  • Pooja in a very lively atmosphere filled with fun & humor which keeps everyone very much interested and Pooja is never felt as a stressful, lengthy & boring ritual.

Astrology by Pt. Vilas Thuse

  • Thorough analysis based on scientific principles of Astrology.
  • Appropriate explanation as and when needed.
  • Predictions with time line of events in life.
  • Counseling & guidance in critical situations with a very positive approach.
  • Advise on suitable Mantropasana, Gems & Stones etc...
  • Practical advise based on vast 30 years+ professional experience.



|| Pooja Vidhi Services ||

|| Astrology Services ||

(Horoscope of Prabhu Shri Ramachandra)

Main Pooja Vidhi Horoscopes
Shodash Sanskara (16 Rituals) Astrological Consultation
  • Muhurta (Auspicious Day)
  • Match Making
  • Advice on Change in Career
  • Starting a new Business
  • Decision on Buying a New Home / Vehicle
  • Remedies on Health Issues
  • Guidance on any other personal issues.
Shant Vidhi Miscelleneous Vidhi


Note: Horoscopes are prepared using Astrology Software Astro Kundali by Dr. Rajiv Karekar.
For horoscope please Email following information:
Birth Date (DD/Month/YYYY e.g. 15th August 1947)
Birth Time (In case of Day Light Saving Time in USA mention clearly)
Place of Birth (In case of a large city like Mumbai, Delhi..mention the suburb e.g. Andheri, Mumbai)
Optional Information: Name of Father/Husband, Mother, Gotra, Pravar)

Horoscope Basic will include following: 

  • Lagna Kundali
  • Rashi Kundali
  • Spashta Graha (Planetary Positions)


Horoscope Detailed will include following: 

(What is Shodashavarga?)

  • Janma Kundali, Rashi Kundali, Bhavachalit Kundali,
  • Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamansh, Navamansh, Dwadashansh, Trishansh Kundali
  • Dashansha, Shodashansha, Shathyansha, Chaturthansha, Vishansha, Chaturvishansha, Bhansha, Khavedansha, Akshavedansha Kundali
  • Spashta Graha (Planet Details)
  • Spashta Bhava (Table of Houses)
  • Planetary Aspects (Graha Yog), Planetory Strength
  • Mahadasha upto 3 Levels (Mahadasha, Aanterdasha, Vidasha)
  • Nakshtra Gochara Chart.


Horoscope with Predictions will include following:

All the horoscopes Janma, Rashi, Bhavachalit, Hora, Dreshkan, Saptamansh, Navamansh, Dwadashansh, Trishansh, Dashansha, Shodashansha, Shathyansha, Chaturthansha, Vishansha, Chaturvishansha, Bhansha, Khavedansha, Akshavedansha. 

Spashta Graha (Planet Details), Spashta Bhava (Table of Houses), Planetary Aspects (Graha Yog), Planetory Strength, Mahadasha upto 3 Levels (Mahadasha, Aanterdasha, Vidasha), Nakshtra Gochara Chart. 

Predictions about Personality, Education, Career, Marriage & Married Life, Children & Health, Wealth. 

Guidance on Suitable stones and Mantropasana.


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