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E-mail: gearmax.jhb@dana.com



Homepage: NONE

Date: 17-Mar-2005 06:16:23


Name: Atul Wad

E-mail: atulwad@hotmail.

City: Mumbai

Country: India


Date: 12-Mar-2005 05:26:52

Its a wonderful site ! Very thoughtful of you to have very useful information posted on this site. Many Thanks !

Best Regards - Atul Wad

Name: Shivanand

E-mail: astroshiv1981@yahoo.com

City: mumbai

Country: india


Date: 22-Feb-2005 05:18:18

Namaste Panditji,

Its good to visit such a useful site. This may not only enhance the knowledge, but also service to our great divine science.

Name: Aruna Prasad


City: San Jose



Date: 30-Jan-2005 20:33:26

Thanks for the information you provide.  It is very helpful and much appreciated.  Sometimes people get too busy and its kind of relaxing to read good articles and keep up with today’s society. 

Name: mandakini kene

E-mail: manda_kene@yahoo.co.in

City: thane west

Country: India 400 601


Date: 13-Jan-2005 07:07:30


 In June 2004, I wanted guru va.da's address and tel. no. desperately. my daughter Prachi went thro your site and contacted you. Thank you very much for sending the required info immediately. 

I met guru va.da. immediately and can not express how I felt after meeting him.  I am interested in astrology and learn things from the books written by guru va.da. I am really impressed by the work carried out by you. thanking you once again. 

Name: savalia r. t.

E-mail: savalia@apsara.barc.ernet.in

City: Mumbai

Country: India

Homepage: no home page

Date: 29-Dec-2004 05:34:31

I want to know that in which are the marriage days in 15-07-05 to 15-08-05 .

Name: Michael

E-mail: earthshaman@spiritsearch.com

City: Hamilton Ontario

Country: Canada

Homepage: http://www.bardic.on.ca/ancient

Date: 20-Nov-2004 08:43:52

You have an informative and enlightening site. I wish you peace and prosperity.

Name: Renu B

E-mail: renusb3@rediffmail.com

City: Mumbai

Country: India

Homepage: NA

Date: 18-Nov-2004 01:28:25

I am really impressed with your site. I got all the information regarding satyanarayan puja.

As I am Marathi, 36 years old and not getting married, Can you see my kundali. 

Name: Kamlesh

E-mail: kdchavan@symac.com

City: Chennai

Country: India

Homepage: NA

Date: 16-Nov-2004 05:42:23

Dear Sir, 

Many Many thanx to put everything on one site abt Hindu Culture and it's fragrance all over the world.

With Warm Regards - Kamlesh

Name: Rajesh Menon

E-mail: ma_krupa@yahoo.com

City: Visakhapatnam

Country: India


Date: 15-Nov-2004 06:36:06

Dear Thuse,

Yours is the 1st Site I've gone to that has really given an almost complete picture of Hindu culture. Gr8 work & all the best to you & family. Regards - Rajesh


Name: Amol waykar

E-mail: waykar1976@yahoo.co.uk

City: Cardiff

Country: united kingdom


Date: 08-Nov-2004 14:40:23

I was really impressed with the site and its feature...It is very well setup. Jai swami Samarth

Name: S Singh

E-mail: info@allindiaflorist.com



Homepage: http://www.allindiaflorist.com/

Date: 03-Nov-2004 22:42:14

Very Informative and Impressive - http://www.allindiaflorist.com/

Name: shekhar

E-mail: csamle@hotmail.com

City: Penang

Country: Malaysia


Date: 08-Oct-2004 08:52:18

I am new to this site, need some feed back regarding yoga.

Name: Ramesh Gandhe

E-mail: gandhe_ramesh@yahoo.com

City: Indore, M P

Country: INDIA


Date: 13-Sep-2004 20:40:23

Dear Panditji

I find this site very interesting & useful for people in USA. They can understand (YOUNG GENERATION) our culture from your site.  My best wishes for your social activities. Regards - R K GANDHE

Name: Swati Zarekar

E-mail: swatizarekar@yahoo.co.in

City: London

Country: UK


Date: 31-Aug-2004 12:49:16

Thanks panditji  for this good website. can u plz help to find online ganpati sotras. thks again.

Name: Sunil

E-mail: sunilj208@yahoo.com

City: Chicago

Country: USA


Date: 11-Aug-2004 16:50:48

Message: Panditji - I liked your website very much. - Sunil

Name:  Raj  Email: raj@usa.net  Date: Friday July 16, 2004
Keep up the good work!

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Name: Rajesh Khemchandani  Email: raj_esh_46201@yahoo.com Date: Monday June 21, 2004
Dear PanditJi
How are you really very appriciated your site. I am very impress your site
Name: Anand Natekar Email: anandnatekar@indiatimes.com Date: Friday June 04, 2004
I am a Maharashtrian working outside India. I recite Ganapati atharvashirsha daily. Yesterday, I had some difficulty in recollecting one verse, so searched the net for the same. Eventually I found your site. It was very helpful. Thanks for providing a great site for Hindus outside Hindustan. -Anand
Name: Akhilesh Sharma Email: contact@vivahsutra.com Date: Monday May 24, 2004
Pandit Ji, I visited your site and its really an informative site about all aspects of astrology, marriages, matrimonials, India etc. I would also like to suggest you a website to link with i.e, Indian Matrimonials Portal - Vivah Sutra. It has all about brahmin matrimonials, match making, kundli, Indian astrologers etc. http://www.vivahsutra.com
Name: Tejaswini Nerurkar Email: tejaswini_an2004@yahoo.co.in Date: Wednesday May 19, 2004
Namaste, Panditji.
It is a very informative site.  I liked your idea of displaying "Ganapati Atharvashirsha" on net. I read it everyday, and my day is great.
May Ganesh give you lots of energy and strength and long life to serve mankind.

(I would like to ask, if you could also include "Shri Ram Raksha Stotra, Shri Bhimrupi Stotra, and Shri Hanuman Chalisa on net"
Thankyou in advance...I would really appreciate it, or give a link to your website, if you know of its presence anywhere on net.

Name: Rohan Gupte Email: roahngupte@hotmail.com Date: Saturday March 27, 2004

This is a very good site that lists out all the muhurats for the entire year and is very informative too..

Great job!!
Name: Gurumata Marcy Email: gurumata@india.com Date: Saturday March 20, 2004
Namaskar: We have a Hindu Samaj Temple here in Niagara Canada and a wonderful Punditji. I like your website as its has lots of information for me to read and know about. Keep it up. I am a Canadian and learning Hindi and am a Sai Baba Teacher. Namaste
Name: vembar Email: vembar@viva-it.com Date: Wednesday January 21, 2004
Very good site and congrats, let us pray for lokakalyan
Name: Harshad Khandare Email: harshad@marathimati.com Date: Tuesday January 20, 2004
The G8 Site as wel as G8 usefull links... Try 2 add this one http://www.MarathiMati.com
Name: Sunil Padture Email: spadture@aol.com Date: Saturday January 03, 2004
Very impressive website. I have VaDa's all books and have been self teaching myself for last 7 years. I met VaDa in 1989. This is a very small interst group who study the way VaDa does. Perhaps we should talk. You should put some of the chapters on the web. perhaps you should also sell VaDa's books from your home.
I am March 28th 1968 4.45 AM. Kumbha Lagna, Purvabhadrapada 4th charan. Hope to hear from you
Sunil Padture - Detroit area
BE Mech Pune 1989, MS Ohio 1994, MBA Chicago 2000
Name: Barin Kulkarni Email: bckulkarni@msn.com Date: Thursday November 20, 2003
Panditji, good piece of information!!!
Name: Kedar Ingale Email: kbingle@lycos.com Date: Tuesday September 30, 2003

It was a great session I have ever had on horoscope. Your way of explaining effects scientifically is unique. I think because of this explanation listener understands astrology as science, which is great. Another unique point is instead of having fast session on janma kundali which is done most of the places, you considered and studied bhavachalit though it is time consuming, which gives accuracy in overall prediction, so this is quality work. It is a great guidance for me. I wish the same from time to time whenever I need consultation from you.

Name: Sanjay Thuse & family Email: sanjaythuse@vsnl.net Date: Friday August 22, 2003
Email: LeenaJ5@aol.com Date: Friday August 01, 2003
Dear Vilas,
Milind forwarded your e-mail to me and what a coincidence I had as recently as a couple of weeks ago asked him about your whereabouts. So it must be telepathy or our rashi's may be one of the four trines. Anyway I am Dhanu rasa Mool Nakshatra born on January 5, 1962. Your web-site is indeed very comprehensive in the range of services you have offered. I would like to have some more time to give you some meaningful comments but as a start under the Dakshina link, I am not sure if the elephant moving his trunk up and down and the people clapping is designed to be as fast or is a settings issue with each computer. At this point it is so fast that the beautiful scene and the idea behind it is lost. Hope to hear from you. - Leena Joshi


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