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|| Nitya Prarthana - Daily Prayers ||


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Everyday prayers are very important part in Hindu culture.  There are different prayers for different times & occasions.  I have given below some very important prayers which are very easy to memorize even for children.  Especially parents in US can teach these prayers to their kids to imbibe rich Indian Heritage in the midst of high western influence.

Some of these prayers also act as timers e.g you know when to finish bath, morning prayer.

These prayers teach us to remain humble and indebted towards all external forces and entities which help us making our lives successful such as Mother Nature,  Mother Earth, Place where we live, parents, relatives, friends, guru etc...

|| Prabhat Vandan - Morning Prayer ||
|| Snanache Mantra ||
(These mantras are to be chanted while taking bath)
Following mantras are to be chanted after bath in front of God.  Before starting the prayer take some water in a small pot & keep in front of the god.  After the Pratsmaran, take water in your right hand and drink it.  This is known as Tirthaprashan.
|| Mangalacharan ||
|| Karadarshan ||
|| Bhoomivandan ||
|| Prat smaran ||
|| Teerthaprashan Mantra || TOP  
|| Annagrahan Mantra ||
  These mantras are to be chanted before starting Lunch and Dinner every day. 

|| Sayam Prarthana ||
These shlokas are enchanted in the evening, in front of the god after lighting the lamp & Incense stick.
After the evening prayer is over, children should seek blessings from all adults in the family like parents, grand parents, uncles, aunties, elder brothers & sisters as well as if any guest is visiting.

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