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Mundan - Jawal Vidhi

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Pooja Stage

  • Mundan Vidhi is performed to carry out the first hair cut of the baby.  If it is carried out as per the Vedic Method it removes any deficiencies developed in the child before birth.
  • During this vidhi all the hair of the baby are removed and the baby's head is cleanly shaven.
  • Hair collected during the hair cut are kept in a dry coconut half & offered to the Goddess Durga depending on the custom in the family.
  • It is also customary to honor all married women attending the mundan vidhi by offering them a blouse piece, coconut & dakshina (or a gift).
  • Mundan Vidhi is to be performed on an auspicious day in consultation with Panditji.






  | Preparation Guidelines & Samagri List | Arati Sangrah | Om Jai Jagadish Hare |  




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