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|| Janan Shant ||


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Samagri List & Preparation Guidelines


Why Janan Shant is to be performed?

If a child is born in any of the following situations, the child is likely to face hardships, unfortunate incidences in life including untimely death; hence it is advised to perform Janan Shant:

  1. Tithi
  2. Nakshtra
  3. Yog
  4. Birth Condition
  1. Krishna Chaturdashi (14th day from New Moon i.e. 14th day of the black half of the lunar month)
  2. Aamavasya (New Moon)
  3. Kshaya Tithi (tithi which begins after the sun rise & ends before the next sun rise).
  1. Ashvini (first 48 minutes)
  2. Pushya (second & third charan)
  3. Aashlesha
  4. Magha (First Charan)
  5. Uttara (First Charan)
  6. Chitra (Purvardha - first half)
  7. Vishakha (fourth Charan)
  8. Jyeshtha
  9. Moola
  10. Poorvashadha (third charan)
  11. Revati (last 48 minutes)


Birth Condition

If any of the following conditions exist at the time of the birth of the child:

  1. During Grahan (Eclipse) Parvakal
  2. Borne Twins
  3. Sadant (having teeth at the time of birth)
  4. Adhomukh Janma (Face down at the time of birth)
  5. Same Nakshtra as that of Father / Mother / Brother / Sister
  6. First son after 3 daughters
  7. First daughter after 3 sons
  8. Surya sankraman punyakal
  9. Dagdha, yamaghant or mrutyu yog.


  1. Vaidhruti
  2. Vyatipat
  3. Bhadra (Vishti)

Samagri List & Preparation Guidelines

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