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|| Guru Va Da ||




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Guru Vasant Damodar Bhat (Va Da)

He is well known as "Va Da" in the astrological circle of Maharashtra and among thousands of his fans.  He is one of the best Astrologers Maharashtra has produced.  He holds following honors in Astrology: 


Jyotish Mahamahopadhyaya


Jyotish Pandit


Jyotish Bhaskar


Hora Martand


Daivadnya Ratnam

He is Bachelor of Science from Pune University.  He worked as Scientific Officer in ERDL (Explosives Research & Development Laboratory) of Defence Department in Pune. 

He is a younger brother of famous astrologer Shri Mahadev Damodar Bhat (popular as "Ma Da"). 

Va Da is President of Jyotish Parishad Pune & conduct regular classes on Astrology in Pune for last several years. 

He is an authority in Astrology & participates in many debates & lectures on Astrology during “Vasant Vyakhyanmala” & on Pune Radio Station.   

At the age of 28 in July 1967 he wrote Kundali Tantra Aani Mantra Part I & Part II, which became instant popular and are the recommended text books at many Astrological Schools in Maharashtra. 

Following books written by Va Da are the blessings for an Astrologer be a student or an expert. 

  • Kundali – Tantra Aani Mantra – Part I

  • Kundali – Tantra Aani Mantra – Part II

  • Falajyotishatil Samagra Graha Yog

  • Ase Graha Ashya Rashi.

  • Pancham Sthan

  • Saptam Sthan

  • Vruschik Lagna

  • Sampurna Prashna Shashtra

  • Kundali Aabhyas

  • Swami Mhane Amlananda

Above books are available at

Bhat Jyotish Prakashan
1412 Sadashiv Peth,
Near Pune Vidyarthi Gruha,
Pune 411030





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